Blanche Dael



We love coffee and tea: the smell, the taste, the warmth and the senses and encounter it stimulates. We are Blanche Dael—the coffee roastery and tea factory from Maastricht. Our roots are in Maastricht. We roast coffee and pack tea for sincere enjoyers in the city that cherishes style and good taste. For people who value quality and for people who choose honest products with a real story. 



As a family business, we cherish our rich past and focus on the future. We make our choices with our hearts. Growth is not an aim in itself for us. Growth should never get in the way of the quality of life. We want to make coffee and tea from the best raw materials, and we select them ourselves. Because we weren’t born yesterday, we know that world inside out. We know that you pay a fair price for the best raw materials—a price that justifies the hard work of the farmers. And one that helps them invest in the quality of their own lives.

We love coffee, tea and people. They come in all sorts of scents, colours and flavours. They are worth getting to know better. We like to challenge people's senses. We do this by making them aware of smell and taste. But also by making them aware of beauty. By making them listen and look. This is how people discover the quality of life.

It is these stimuli that wake us up. That makes us enjoy, shiver and desire. That throws us back in time and stimulates our creative spirit. They make us think and create. These stimuli also occur when we drink our coffee and tea. Close to home or far away. By becoming aware of each other. And of our existence.



For Blanche Dael entrepreneurship is above all a social activity. As a company, we consciously form part of society. We are proud if we can be of significance to our environment. This significance is expressed in conscious and responsible employment, in participation in all kinds of partnerships, in paying farmers a fair price and in offering support to customers to make their businesses more assertive and distinctive.

Blanche Dael is involved in social and cultural initiatives that connect, inspire and stimulate the senses. We are regular partners of FashionClash, Nederlandse Dansdagen, MVV, Trajekt and many other local social initiatives.

Blanche Dael is also of international significance. On the initiative of Blanche Dael, Maastricht hosted 'World of Coffee' in 2011, the largest European coffee event with over 2,500 international visitors.

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History of Blanche Dael

On April 17th, 1878, the store 'G. Dael, in Koloniale waren' was founded in Maastricht by Guillaume Dael. Since then, generations have been captivated by everything related to coffee and tea.

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Book a Roastery tour

Explore the fascinating world of coffee and tea during our 90-minute Roastery tour. Learn about the history of Blanche Dael, enjoy a mini tea-tasting, take a tour of our roastery, and more...

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