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Coffee is not a local product in the Netherlands. It comes from areas and countries around the equator. Areas where prosperity and well-being are often insufficient, where the political power is often corrupt and where little importance is attached to a developed population.

In 2009, our foundation Escuela Blanche Dael*, was founded. Escuela Blanche Dael aims to increase opportunities for children in coffee-producing countries, especially Guatemala. We do this by investing in educational projects and scholarships. We also provide (financial) support for emergency projects such as volcanic eruptions, or hurricanes.

The foundation is financed by a donation from our business customers (part of the coffee price), by voluntary contributions from customers and by investing 5% of Blanche Dael's net profit.

*Escuela Blanche Dael has close cooperation with Stichting Pimma.

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In 2006, in collaboration with Pimma, we took on the funding of the construction of a primary school in Guatemala. The school is named Escuela Blanche Dael, and since then, we have provided various forms of support.

One of the recent projects we completed at the beginning of the 2022/2023 school year is the Virtual Education project. Thanks to this initiative, we were able to provide tablets to all 130 students of the school. These tablets enable the children to attend classes through an online platform.

Escuela Blanche Dael will continue to evolve with our new project. Currently, in collaboration with Pimma, additional classrooms are being constructed on the rooftop of the school. Pimma is responsible for the construction of the classrooms, while Escuela will handle the furnishing. This includes the establishment of a sewing workshop and a bakery.

With these new classrooms, we can impart valuable vocational skills to the students, empowering them to become self-reliant. This idea emerged from the dream of the school director, who shared his vision with us in an emotional video message.


To date, 9 young individuals have successfully obtained their diplomas with the help of our scholarship program: Ana, Augusto, Cristian, Erlick, Maydelin, Ramiro, Fredy, Javier, and Anderson. The latter three received their diplomas in December 2021 from Mireille, the chairperson of Escuela Blanche Dael.

With great pride, we introduce our four new students to you: Evelyn, Francisco, Luis, and Raúl. They have been granted the opportunity to earn their diplomas at the Las Flores Coffee School in Barberena, Guatemala, thanks to a scholarship provided by Blanche Dael.

These four students hail from coffee-producing regions and aspire to build their futures as coffee farmers. The new generation plays an essential role in sustaining coffee agriculture while tackling the challenges posed by climate change and the growing demand for quality coffee.

On December 1st, they will receive their diplomas presented by our foundation. During the ceremony, they will also receive Blanche Dael Ambassador vests.

Following this graduation ceremony, Escuela will select and get to know its new students. These students will embark on a new journey and receive scholarships from Escuela.

We are delighted that, thanks to our partners, the Efico Foundation and Funcafe, we can facilitate the education of these young individuals. Ensuring the future quality of coffee and guaranteeing fair prices for local coffee farmers are also in our best interest.

Hopefully, in a few years, you will have the opportunity to savor coffee cultivated by one of these young individuals. That would truly be fantastic!


The third pillar of Escuela is emergency relief. In addition to supporting children and students in coffee-producing countries, we recognize the importance of providing assistance in times of crisis when circumstances require it.

At Escuela, we are committed to helping when adversity strikes. We specifically focus on situations where immediate and urgent aid is needed, such as hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes. We understand that these natural disasters can have devastating consequences for communities and individuals, and we strive to provide them with much-needed support.

Furthermore, Escuela has demonstrated its dedication during the recent COVID-19 crisis. We actively contributed to relief efforts by providing financial resources to organizations working on distributing food packages in the most heavily impacted areas. We were aware of the significant economic impact of the pandemic, leaving many people unable to fulfill their basic needs. Through this financial assistance, we aimed to help those most affected by the crisis, ensuring they had access to an adequate food supply at the very least.


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