Blanche Dael

The shop in the Wolfstraat

For those who already know us, Blanche Dael is synonymous with the centuries-old shop located at Wolfstraat 28. It is where our company was founded in 1878 and serves as our flagship shop in the city center of Maastricht. The store is always bustling with coffee and tea enthusiasts who are served promptly and expertly with delicious coffee and tea, as well as unique and fun gifts. Since 1928, there has been a real coffee roaster in the shop window (the current one has been there since 1963), which is used every day to roast fresh peanuts. When you pass by the shop, you are likely to witness the roasting process. Give the peanuts a try - they are freshly roasted and a healthy snack option that fits in the 'schijf van 5' (the Dutch version of the food pyramid).

Blanche Dael
Shop Wolfstraat
Wolfstraat 28
6211 GN Maastricht

Opening hours
Monday 13 P.M. - 18 P.M.
Tuesday 9.30 A.M. - 18 P.M.
Wednesday 9.30 A.M. - 18 P.M.
Friday 9.30 A.M. - 18 P.M.
Saturday 9.30 A.M. - 17.30 P.M.
Sunday 13 P.M. - 17 P.M.

The shop in the roastery

The Blanche Dael roastery is the meeting place for coffee and tea lovers. For people that like to trigger their senses and for visitors who would like to know more about the world of coffee and tea. On the first floor of the roastery you can find our coffee and tea shop. In the store we sell coffees straight from our roastery. In the range you can find all sorts of tea, sweets, and accessories. Looking for a gift or souvenir? Our colleagues would gladly like to help you.

You can also find the coffeecafé in the roastery. A lovely place for the coffee lover. Our trained baristas prepare the filter coffee by hand. You can also enjoy espresso’s, tea’s, and Maastricht’s pastries. From the koffiecafé it is possible to look at the roastery. In the roastery they daily brew fresh coffee form Monday to Friday in an artisan way. 

Blanche Dael
Headquarter: Roastery, coffecafé, Shop and the office
Aan de Brikkebouw 10
6211 XT Maastricht

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday from 10 A.M. till 17 P.M.

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History of Blanche Dael

On April 17th, 1878, the store 'G. Dael, in Koloniale waren' was founded in Maastricht by Guillaume Dael. Since then, generations have been captivated by everything related to coffee and tea.

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Book a Roastery tour

Explore the fascinating world of coffee and tea during our 90-minute Roastery tour. Learn about the history of Blanche Dael, enjoy a mini tea-tasting, take a tour of our roastery, and more...

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